Harley accelerator pump problems

harley accelerator pump problems The needle and seat measure 0. 99. You should immediately see a stream, or streams of gas squirting in the throat. Reassemble using the lines you scratched or drew into the pump as a guide. 99 shipping. H-D Styling goes to work with the Custom Vehicle Operations group, taking the world&#39;s best bikes to the extreme. Speaking of the accelerator pump, does anyone know if the little plunger thing is supposed to Apr 09, 2013 · Checked for intake leaks, set the pilot screw, tried a few Jets (162. Contains 44 pieces in a special jet box. pull pump from bore. I did notice the accel pump shoots out a pretty healthy stream of fuel, so much that it makes a pretty good splash back. Intermediate Jet 12. 98. Fuel inlet elbow (shown, but not numbered). cold as well as hot? I’ve seen some that work ok cold, but when the they warm up loose their squirt. Harley-Davidson Engine & Intake. Bowl Plug 10. I took carb. Overflow Tube Fitting 7. pdf’ which is also available on the PC website. Aug 11, 2015 · If you got fuel there, then there's an issue with the diaphragm or passages for the front bowl accelerator pump. Enrichment Device 6. In 2013, Harley Took it a step further and took the bike to a certified shop. Mikuni HSR 42mm Flatslide Carburetor - Accelerator Pump Spigot TM42-6 42-6278 | eBay Fuel Pump Pressure Regulator Install Kit w/ Housing & Check Valve 03-07 FLH/T | eBay The 2007 Harley EFI regulators operate at 39-45 psi. If the diaphragm gets a hole in it. What results are limited-production machines with style and power that are anything but limited. ThunderMax’s key performance advantage relies upon its The is an introduction to tuning with a programmable electronic fuel injection ECU. 25 turn on the file air mix. Shop the best selection of Harley-Davidson Carburetor - Parts at Dennis Kirk for the lowest prices. (3) The check valve prevents the fuel backing up through the fuel pump. In setting the accelerator pump plunger height of 15/32" according to the manual it should be set with the link rod in the top hole. No problems with spare parts, because all parts derive from the Bendix carb accelerator pump. If it’s popping back you can also try different pump settings to see if more of a squirt helps. It’s specifically engineered to pump up the bike’s horsepower and low-end torque. Your local H-D dealer can ascertain any candidate's bearing status from its VIN number. Most people jump on changing the air cleaner and the pipes and never seem to get around to adjusting the jets to match. The first key bit of information is that all four-stroke engines have a lean air-fuel ratio when the throttle valve is opened semi-quickly. Failed accelerator pedal or its wiring; How to Check. You can adjust three parameters: 1. When the throttle is rapidly opened, airflow through the carburetor increases immediately, faster than the fuel flow rate can increase. 1) The #1 cause of hesitation and performance issues following a carburetor rebuild or install is VACUUM LEAKS. Keep your Harley's stock factory look and fit with better throttle response, improved acceleration, increased power and torque. Then, the federal government […] The accelerator pump is particularly vulnerable to vacuum leaks, backfires through the carburetor and dirty gasoline. Assembling the S&S “E” carburetor after it had been disassembled. The two screws in the photo below set the limits of the cam that operates the accelerator pump plunger - setting the start point with screw #1 and stop point with screw # 2 for the accelerator pump in relation ot throttle slide movement. The accelerator pump provides the extra fuel needed to balance the air-fuel mixture to deliver efficient combustion. In our Zd30DI archives their is a thread about pulling one apart and cleaning it, you can also tap into the TPS wire to the ECU and take a reading with a multimeter. CV 40mm Carburetor With Accelerator Pump For Harley-Davidson 40mm CV carburetor is for Big Twin Evolution, Twin Cam and Sportster models and is an accurate reproduction of the OEM Keihin CV 40 mm carburetor The stock main jet is #185 and the stock slow jet is #42 This item James Gasket Accelerator Pump Diaphragm 27361-76 James Gasket Carb Rebuild Kit for Keihin CV 27006-88 James Gasket Accelerator Pump Boot Seal 27311-76A Sounds like you have a torn accelerator pump diaphragm. 2) At the check valve location, always use a new O-ring between the float bowl and carb body. 031-inch diameter. Mikuni's smoothbore, flatslide throttle with roller bearings, and accelerator pump technology delivers peak performance from idle to WFO. You can't hurt anything. The Cyclepedia Press LLC 1991-2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 and Sportster 1200 online service manual features detailed full-color photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and written by a professional technician. Harley davidson fuel injection problems Harley davidson fuel injection problems Complete cast-aluminum float bowl with Bendix accelerator pump. I swapped out the badly blackened plugs and all was better than ever for the past week. 5mm at 20 degrees. 2. Sep 26, 2011 · Accelerator Pump: The function of the accelerator pump is to improve throttle response when rapidly opening the throttle at low rpm and to aid in cold starts. In 1996, Harley introduced a vacuum operated fuel petcock. This is a used bike. Verify that "Accelerator Pump Feature Enabled" is displayed by clicking on the Enable Accelerator Pump Feature Button. The accelerator pump cam is secured to the main throttle lever with a single flat-top screw. Mounting challenges are manifold (no pun intended) when implanting an accelerator-pumped CV carb onto a KLR650, men say. Attaching the carburetor to the intake manifold. I cant blow any compressed air or carb cleaner through the passage and out of the brass accelerator pump nossle in the carb throat. Also, make sure you are using fresh fuel and spark plugs. Excessive accelerator pump output. The main carburetor assembly will get the old accelerator pump outer linkage spring removed and replaced with the new linkage spring included in the powerpump kit. 4. Dec 27, 2019 · Inspecting and cleaning the (EGR) valve and the (EGR) port in the intake manifold; should cure the problem. The Boyesen TWINSHOT will convert all versions of HD CV-40 carbs from 1992-2006 to a standard "fuel-in" passage to the accelerator pump cover. I suspect you have a blockage in the passage that leads from the nozzle to your accelerator pump. The diaphragms within your fuel pump are fragile, and may break or develop tears with use or lack of maintenance. Duration adjustm Aug 07, 2010 · Popping back usually occurs due to inadequate fuel (assuming the timing’s ok). Once the jet sizes are determined the pump can be turned back on. Jan 10, 2011 · Accelerator pumps come with a cam adjustment slot for controlling the timing of the accelerator pump and sit right behind the "1, 2" adjustment screw. The accelerator pump is supposed to provide additional fuel needed during acceleration. 9. Greater resistance to mild fuel additive exposure commonly found in pump gas. 9 in. Nozzle size determines the fuel delivery rate and how May 17, 2019 · The problem is that it idles at 2500 rpm, sounds crappy and I have no change in achieving a smooth idle when moving the ignition module with retard or advance. Step 9: Remove Accelerator Pump Cam Screw. Remove the accelerator pump pushrod and inspect it for damage or gumming. 4375 inches. The voltage must be within the specifications set by the manufacturer. Fuel flows from the bowl, through the accelerator pump, into the venturi of the carb. Here is how I would test for a blockage. Mar 29, 2020 · Backfiring during acceleration can also be caused by internal carburetor problems, low compression, leaks in the fuel tank, lean engine conditions, and weak or broken valve springs. Replace needle or needle jet. Follow the maintenance schedule recommendations to ensure that the chopper is in peak operating condition and the emission levels are with in the standards set by states/county Resources Board. The pump will not squirt fuel during slow throttle opening as the main fuel system can supply the required fuel for the engine to perform properly. The IDF features diaphragm type accelerator pump circuits and ball bearing throttle shafts. The accelerator pump diaphragm was shot. If your plastic one breaks get the all brass one from Harley. We will show you how to replace, install or rebuild your Accelerator Pump Diaphragm. #1 Dirt/metal shavings between the needle and seat or a "sticking float": To correct either of these problems, lightly tap the carburetor fuel inlet area with the handle of a screwdriver. Harley-Davidson® Parts: Harley® and Harley-Davidson® and other model names pkg 5 78-379 Gasket, cam cover 93-99 Cometic pkg 5 44 98-359 Gear, oil pump 24023-54 each 98-458 Nut, pinion gear 90-92 24022-90 each 49 98-358 Gear, oil pump driven 73-95 24T 26345-73 each 50 98-512 Gear, breather … Get Doc May 25, 2016 · When you pick up the throttle at, say, 4500 rpm, that carburetor is hitting the accelerator pump, the power valve is opening, the transition circuit is kicking in. Play with the settings, make BIG changes so you get a feel for what does what. or ½ of a turn at a time, until engine responds to throttle. After my friend rode it Mar 29, 2004 · Your accelerator pump arm needs to move the pump lever immediately, however, at full throttle, you need a little movement left in the spring bolt that goes from the throttle to the pump lever. Snap throttle open—engine should stumble. Usually, a faulty accelerator pump will  2 Feb 2013 I replaced the accelerator pump diaphram and o-ring. Designed for the maximum fuel squirt and optional squirt I bought an Edelbrock carburetor off of a friend of mine, he bought it 5 or 6 years ago and never got to use it, it just sat inside the box on a shelf in his garage. A pump circuit with too small of an accelerator pump discharge nozzle hole size will cause the bike to hesitate and possibly backfire from the carburetor. Jun 19, 2017 · The accelerator-pump system consists of three main components: the pump diaphragm, the pump cam, and the pump nozzle (“squirter” or “shooter”). Check and clean accelerator pump bypass orifice. I'm in the middle of fixing the accelerator pump (and doing some other carb work) on my 78k. The first thing to consider when determining the mechanical compression ratio is whether the engine will use 92-octane pump gas or high-octane race gas. Readjust float level to 11. The 2) Check that the Needle Jet (nozzle) is installed correctly. I put in a new acc pump diaphragm during the rebuild and the end result is the same. Backfiring caused by internal carburetor problems is a result of a defective accelerator pump. Modify riding habits. New Bendix Carb. I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 4. Accelerator pump rebuild kit. Luckily there are telltale symptoms that will tell you which problem you're dealing with. Look around, they go for between $200 to $300 depending on where you look. May 25, 2016 · When you pick up the throttle at, say, 4500 rpm, that carburetor is hitting the accelerator pump, the power valve is opening, the transition circuit is kicking in. We can also take into consideration your riding style or special concerns such as fuel mileage. Greg 2. new intake seals, compression test and was good . 95 Well I ripped the carb apart today, definately looks like the accelerator pump, the carb was very clean inside except the acc pump. Harley Davidson FXRT Sport Glide 1991. Quantity: 1 Piece. Like other Bendix models, it has a dual venturi and uses an accelerator pump. Had problems with drag pipes and intermediate jet size. My bike runs great at idle and off the line and on top in. I got stuck with a tank full of blended fuel one day due to the pump not advertising it was an E10 product. Differences between the 1993~1999 and 1999~2013 The black carb below is a 1994 OE and the gold carb is a 2004 model. test ride it and do it again. Mar 05, 2018 · One of the problems I've had with the Road Star is a coughing or backfiring out the carburetor through the breather. Accelerator pump Liquid gasoline, being denser than air, is slower than air to react to a force applied to it. Bowl Vent Hole 9. Perhaps some of this will help. May be a bunch of crud, or the existing diaphragm may be damaged (wear). NBR rubber material is used on all O-rings and rubber gaskets; NBR has excellent resistance to the ethanol used in today's fuels All gaskets and O-rings including intake manifold gaskets before and after the carburetor Kits include all float bowl, carburetor cap, and accelerator pump screws 052 - u-ring, accelerator pump 053 - spring, accelerator pump 054 - o-ring accelerator pump 055 - cold starter valve (choke) 085 - o-ring, fuel joint 096 - throttle position sensor 103 - main air jet 122 - o-ring 123 - drain bolt 140 - screw 177 - stop screw had same problem 2007 5. Harley Davidson FXRT Sport Glide 1992. Maximum torque under steady, non-accleration enriched conditions is about 13. Anyway. The first major change was the removal of lead from the gasoline. Setting the idle speed screw, idle mixture screw, and accelerator pump adjustment screws. Or maybe it points to the accelerator pump as the problem. These carbs are designed to replace OEM 27155-72B and use a single cable throttle assembly. Mar 29, 2004 · Your accelerator pump arm needs to move the pump lever immediately, however, at full throttle, you need a little movement left in the spring bolt that goes from the throttle to the pump lever. are your accelerator pump. If your car is experiencing a stumble, begin by first checking the clearance between the pump operating lever (beneath the screw and spring) and the pump diaphragm arm. This can occur on any model, any carburetor, but seems to happen most often with the stock CV Keihin carburetors used on the newer (90 up) Big Twins and Sportster models. Additionally, on Harley models we can raise the factory rev limiter to 6200 RPM's the Power Commander's Rev Xtend feature. Why is that? Surely the thro Nov 19, 2019 · A prevalent issue with Holleys is excessive clearance between the accelerator pump linkage and the arm extending from the accelerator pump cover. Clean the accelerator pump rod using carburetor cleaner if it is gummed up. 4) Accelerator pump weak or not spraying. ><gravity> then the pump, then i don't have clue what the problem is. Jul 16, 2017 · The accelerator pump’s throttle lever rides on the cam, influencing how quickly the pump reacts as well as pump duration. No man likes a weak squirt. 6mm) bore and 19⁄16" (39. The reason I think my Accelerator Pump is not working is that when I turn the throttle ( when the bike is NOT Jun 29, 2015 · Holley Accelerator Pump Discharge Nozzles? Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by tims78camaro, Jun 29, 2015. The Modifications will greatly improve the '88 XL's carb but not as much as it will improve the carbs with the pump. 4 Apr 2018 Tom Kise demonstrates how to properly adjust the accelerator pump arm and we can end up causing a flat spot or a lean hesitation problem. Tighten the 3 screws in sequence, each screw a little at a time until all 3 are tight. Snap throttle open—. Aug 04, 2018 · Carburetor problems generally fall into three areas: too lean a mixture, too rich a mixture, or an incorrect adjustment. I couldn't fathom why anyone would need to since the mechanical pump would work just fine. * This Harley Davidson FLHTCUI Ultra Classic Electra Glide 2006 service manual also makes it easy to diagnose and repair problems with your machines electrical system. this is the Stromberg WW 6-117 with the 90* "backdraft" air horn for an auto-trans truck you can't just look down the throat and see if the accelerator pump jets are chooching. Open the PCIII USB Control Center Software that is on your computer. Inspect the O-ring for damage. With Genuine Motor Accessories and Genuine Motor Parts, built with legendary Harley-Davidson craftsmanship and style. On RSR Fuel Injection system we program the maps to reflect these issues on higher load conditions. Use a 0. Replace any bad parts. Watch this if you start playing with pump cams - don't let it coil bind or you'll bend the linkage lever. The problem I am having is from the main carburetor body and up. A partial vacuum in the fuel tank can reduce fuel flow and bring about a lean condition. Mean Mother Pipes! It&#39;s no secret some of the finest custom bikes in the land are built right here at the Motor Company. Attaching the crankcase breather hose from the cylinder heads to the carburetor. Yes, finding a set that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is tough. E. It was also the only model with dual front disc brakes. D&D has designed an impressive new exhaust system for your 2017-2019 Harley Milwaukee-Eight motorcycle. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $89 – We Ship Today! It is the fixed main jet style. Check Vacuum Piston Assembly. no spring yet. The problem on some bikes, is that the squirt duration isn't enough to allow the engine to build RPM’s before going lean. Sensitivity. Included are 2 each 150 thru 170 main jets, 2 each 20 thru 32. If flooding continues, pinch the fuel line (if possible). Increases throttle response and horsepower. 56 $ 723. Harley-Davidson Model: 1997 FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic Price: $15,175 Engine: V-twin OHV Evolution Bore and Stroke: 3. The problems I addressed were either ones I didn't think were resolved in this thread, or they were solved but the person having the issue dismissed the solution or missunderstood it. If your car or truck is equipped with a Holley four barrel carburetor and stumbles upon acceleration, more than likely the carburetor needs an adjustment to the accelerator pump assembly. We have found that Harley-pattern engines tend to develop minor air leaks between If the accelerator pump adjustment is set to start too late, backfiring may occur due to an  30 Oct 2020 The CV40 (1989-later) has an accelerator pump, controlled by a rod cause tuning problems because any leaks will alter the Air-to-Fuel Ratio. You can&#39;t miss it Oct 20, 2014 · The trunk is an aftermarket FXRT near copy unit I got off of Amazon. The housings are cheap and available. The metering rod measures 0. 6- Ride motorcycle in various rpm ranges, and then try to. thats what you do. I always leave the adjustment on the lower side though. The tick is from the lifters and the cause of these abnormal-like sounds is very interesting indeed. Accelerator acts as a command for the pump to start pouring required amount of fuel and air to burn, making the engine generate more power and it results in enhanced throttle response. (2) The expanding fuel (increased volatility) creates pressure in the fuel line from the pump to the carburetor. Mar 18, 2014 · 2004 harley 1200 wiring harness issues; 2004 harley sportster 1200 idle adjustment; 2005 hd sportster 1200r crank sensor code 373; 2006 harley `1200 carb accelerator pump; 2006 harley 1200 sportster primary internal noise; 2006 harley davidson sportster screamin eagle 1200 xl low float level; 2006 harley xl 1200 carb flooding At this point, fill the tank with the fresh gas I told you to get. Good Luck Steve The problem with them that year was that they didn't have an accelerator pump, so the carbs are not as responsive as they should be. May 16, 2013 · Accelerator Pump U-ring (92093) Air Screw, spring, o-ring and washer (16014). You could see the fabric layer on both sides. The accelerator pump nozzle has a 0. S&S sets the accelerator pump adjusting screw for maximum volume (all the way out) to aid during initial start-up after installation. The lower check valve was completely frozen up and wouldn't pass air or carb cleaner at all. Rough acceleration. Our intention is to provide products that can be used on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Mikuni’s smoothbore, flatslide with roller bearings, and accelerator pump technology delivers peak performance from idle to Wide Open Throttle. Is the accelerator pump spraying consistently, i. CVP's exclusive Harley Accelerator Pump Diaphragm replaces worn or cracked diaphragms on Harley CV and Harley Keihin butterfly carburetors. Complete cast-aluminum float bowl with Bendix accelerator pump. This is a common source of problems after carburetor modifications are performed. Dead spots surges of power, weird electrical problems you will never figure out on the street. Accelerator Pump not working on my 2005 VTX1300 ( I Think ) I thought the Accelerator Pump was a gravity driven pump. 3. I'm just worried these problems will be worse when I finally get it out on the road. Cure The Bog And Sluggish Response On Your Holley Four-Barrel Carburetor, By Properly Adjusting The Accelerator Pump Assembly. There should be a fuel filter at the end of the fuel line where it screws into the carburetor,it's either astone filter are a paper S&S Cycle - Super E and Super G Accelerator Pump Rebuild Kit. The float drop is 1. 5:1. Turn the petcock on and wait a moment for the fuel bowl to fill. One of the most common problems that customers complain about is the spit-cough-pop from the carburetor as a Harley goes from idle to ¼ throttle. tims78camaro May 8th, 2018 - 4 Accelerator pump weak or not spraying Check that fuel sprays from the accelerator pump nozzle when rolling on the throttle test with engine off The accelerator pump diaphragm will wear or crack over time or if left to sit in a fuel filled CV carburetor for extended periods and will eventually deteriorate ' Adjusting The Accelerator Pump Assembly Start by checking the adjustment of the accelerator pump diaphragm arm adjustment screw. It's leaking on the bottom of the carburetor, on the back side of the accelerator pump housing. The accelerator pump system is a very simple device, and easy to adjust if you follow the simple step-by-step guidelines laid out below. ) The needle jet works with the main jet, when you twist the throttle the accelerator pump squirts some gas into the carb, this causes the engine to speed up and suck in more air which causes the vaccum piston to move up with the needle, adding more fuel and keeping the RPMs high. The accelerator pump squirts and extra dose of fuel into the throat of the carburetor when the throttle opens. The S+S pump can be a real fire hose of gas. A few weeks back, they said it was idling poorly and very irrregular at all throttle positions. You have a programmable accelerator pump and you have the fuel map. The carb bowl, and accelerator pump cover are clean, orings, and diaphram are in good shape. Troubleshooting and electrical service procedures are combined with detailed wiring diagrams for ease of use. I too have a brass plug instead of nylon. 063in The accelerator pump is used to push fuel into. Clean and clear passages. Accelerator Pump Pushrod 11. Carb Accelerator Pump Diaphragm Set 0103-005 This Item Is: 1936-1947 E 1936 -1947 EL HARLEY DAVIDSON KEIHIN CV CVK 40MM CARBURETOR SLIDE contact us first and allow us the opportunity to fix any problem there may be. These things give problems in the fact that they get a hole in the vacuum diaphragm and will not open allowing fuel to flow to the carb. Will outlast many standard diaphragms when minimal Ethanol * enhanced fuel is occasionally used. One of the reasons for the rebuild was the accelerator pump squirt was always weak. Rebuild kits are available in master kits, body-only kits and Accelerator pumps with neopreme skirts should be changed to those having leather skirts. Complete instructions on how to install and adjust the Accelerator pump feature are contained in the PDF file, ‘AcceleratorPump. “If you lose one signal from the Hall effect Feb 05, 2019 · Adding the initial timing and fixing the accelerator pump circuit improved the throttle response, but the 383 still idled very fat, and the engine still stumbled when letting the clutch out in 11. I had the same problem on my '90 FLTCU and it was definetly a torn diaphram. 25 inches, with a 0. 1 -1e Accelerator Pump Assembly . Things I have done so far to try and fix the problem: 1. Oh, and got my AF screw from Glen on today. An accelerator pump adjustment that starts the pump too late can cause this problem. 015 feeler gauge to make sure the adjustment is correct. There should be no gaps and the gauge should have a little tension on it when you pull it out. 1978 harley Davidson FXS Lowrider Shovelhead Classic Chopper Style And Look- Brand New SS Super E Carbarutor. Be sure not load up the carb with several quick snaps. HARLEY DAVIDSON Jul 25, 2012 · carburetors also feature an adjustable accelerator pump and variable enrichment/fast idle device for improved throttle response, engine starting and warm ups. Yes there is a neutral switch but that will play no part in that issue. Jun 22, 2009 · 10-Adjusting the Accelerator Pump. I assume you are talking about the accelerator pump. ALMOST COMMON PARTS: Harley main jets will not directly replace Kawa main jets (92036/A~D). Adjusts accelerator pump fuel spray with a simple turn of a screw; If you have experienced a problem with our website, please Edelbrock 1467 Accelerator Pump Assembly October 2, 2020 QAZAKY Carburetor with Fuel Filter Maintenance Kit Replacement for Zama RB-K85 Echo PB-251 PB-265L PB-265LN A021001350 A021001351 A021001352 PB251 PB265L PB265LN Power Blower Carb Aug 25, 2010 · The accelerator pump is not causing a miss at higher RPM's. When it comes to your Ford F-150, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Because this passage is blocked you are getting nothing out of your nozzle and you also saw a strong stream of gas returning to the float bowl when you activated the accelerator pump. There are a lot of factors that The accelerator pump system is a very simple device, and easy to adjust if you follow the simple step-by-step guidelines laid out below. I had at least three problems: 1. 5 main right now, tried 20 and 25 pilot, using 60 A/P nozzle, adjusted pump screw) and still can't get it to work right. > >the bike is a 99 ultra ground pounder with only 1000 miles on it. Jun 09, 2020 · Pump regulates and utilizes the amount of fuel that is subjected to the combustion chamber. Hook the motorcycle battery up to a car or truck battery so you don’t beat it to death. There is also the accelerator pump and the enrichner (choke. Hi all, I have a Shelby Cobra replica with a 351W motor. Auxiliary Bowl Vent Plug Why am I not getting a pump shot out of my accelerator pump nozzle? There can be a few things that can cause no pump shot of fuel through the accelerator pump nozzle. engine should stumble. The best part is, our Ford F-150 Carburetor Accelerator Pump Diaphragm products start from as little as $7. Adjust operating idle speed. letters "S&S SUPER". This condition can be mistaken for a carburetor tuning problem. Installation instructions not included. The problem is as follows: (1) After the engine is switched off, heat from the engine heats the fuel in the fuel line. 3. The carb is set at 0 on the accelerator pump, zero on the idle and 1. The previous owner suspected an accelerator pump issue and I was in agreement. Fits S&S Super E and G carbs. Easiest fix for a carb gas leak. Problems with cruise control. 2:1. I put the carburetor back on but the bike never ran quite right. Accelerator Pump Linkage Adjustment If your engine has an annoying stumble just off idle that you can't seem to fix, check the accelerator pump linkage. And because they're machined to factory specifications and manufactured to the highest standards, you get a perfect fit. Hold the diaphragm up to a light source and check it for pinholes or tears. Check that fuel sprays from the accelerator pump nozzle when rolling on the throttle (can test with engine off). The accelerator pump diaphragm will wear or crack over time or if left to sit in a fuel filled carburetor for extended periods may start to deteriorate. Finally, there is a mixture accelerator pump and anything off idle a plunger rod  1991 CV Carb Accelerator Pump Nozzle Cleaning Sportster Sportster Motorcycle Air intake, Carburetor, EFI, Fuel, and Exhaust Problems, advice and/ or how tos for Interesting, I have not taken out the accelerator nozzle assembly. When your carb is nasty all over the accelerator pump and no where else on the body and you notice a bit of a roll-on stumble, you need a new accelerator pump diaphragm. No problem, I’ve been a professional auto, truck and bus mechanic for thirty years. The diaphragm frequently has the appearance of being too large to fit into the groove. The bike seems fine if I twist the throttle very slowly and gently to avoid the gigantic pump squirt. Accelerator Pump Parts Offering a large selection of accelerator pump hardware components including pump diaphragms, pump nozzles, pump cams and related parts. OK got the brass tube out. Dyno Tuning will expose the problems in certain ranges of RPM operations I. If you notice any sudden changes in tension from the pedal, such as jerking or binding when you activate Mar 12, 2013 · Turning the accel. 6. Alleviates the stubborn bogging problems common with many FCR carbureted bikes. Keihin CV Accelerator Pump Diaphragm This post applies specifically to Kawasaki Vulcan with a Keihin CV carb, but is the same as a Harley Keihin CV carb. Plugged bowl vent or TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. One of the most common symptoms that the accelerator pump is having a problem is rough or sluggish acceleration. Either way I used a thin gauge copper and cleaned all the little ports out, bought a fuel filter, and a new air filter (Pretty sure it was from 1985 the foam was just goo on the bottom). Seems I read somewhere that throughout the rpm range suggests the accelerator pump is the culprit. Throttle cables misaligned. 21 Aug 2020 How To, Harley Davidson Accelerator Pump Rebuild. Accelerator Pump As I said, the accelerator pump adds fuel when the throttle is first opened. Something simple has to be going on if this is a new motor & carburetor. Perfect fit, no more stretching or misaligned seals. When the pump becomes faulty, the vehicle can experience hesitation during acceleration, usually at speeds below 30 mph. 075 by 0. As I was leaving I noticed a small flag waving in the wind with the E10 notice for the fuel I had just bought. The ThunderMax ECM replaces the stock module and helps “unlock” various performance advantages not possible by “Flash” systems and other post-fuel “piggy-back” tuning devices. Install the Accelerator Pump Utility to your Desktop and open it. 2002 Harley-Davidson XL-1200C Mar 19, 2014 · harley davidson heritage softail vavle seal problems; harley davidson softail 1200 spark plugs specifications 2006 harley `1200 carb accelerator pump; 2006 harley What is a ThunderMax? ThunderMax is an industry award winning, performance engine management system for EFI equipped Harley Davidson models. and Problems, HARLEY STREETFIGHTER FORUM, HARLEY  All are top-quality Genuine James gaskets, seals and O-rings. Unlike all other Sportster models, it came with a 2 in 1 exhaust. A faulty mass airflow sensor will cause problems similar to low compression or low vacuum. Some 4 barrels will pump gas in both primary & secondary bores. SPRING, IDLE/ACCELERATOR PUMP. Close the Accelerator Pump Utility that is open on your desktop. there might be problems at first, and I looked down the carb bore and twisted the throttlejust as I expected there was no accel pump shot. The stitching and pattern of the back of the glove drove my eyes straight   2 May 2020 Last week, I trouble-shot the problem of Hampton, my 48,000-mile '73 2002, The accelerator pump nestled under the right side of the Weber  2 Apr 2015 Accelerator Pump Diaphragm 3 30 15 CV Performance, specializing in tuning and improving Harley-Davidson carburetion for over 25 years,  The accelerator pump squirts and extra dose of fuel into the throat of the carburetor when the throttle opens. It didn't do that before. Replacing the accelerator pump diaphragm but the accelerator jet seems to be plugged (maybe the  24 Jun 2015 Fuel valve? accelerator pump · CV Carburetor Problems · 1989883 sportster starving for fuel · whats next part 2 · Carburetor Related · Today's  Check that fuel sprays from the accelerator pump nozzle when rolling on the While not often associated with a carburetor problem, an exhaust leak is often  4 Jan 2016 If there is any problem with the pump, then there will be a problem in the fuel mixture during acceleration. the motor has adjustable push rods, gear drive, 510 s&s cams, high flow oil pump, and vance & hines big radius pipes! the bike also has a le pera seat on it but it also comes with the stock harley seat and a sissy bar so you can throw a passenger on with no problem! this gas tank has a custom sreamin' eagle on it which gives the bike a wicked look! Dry sump, internally mounted, crank driven gerotor pressure and dual scavenge pump with spin on 10ì pressurized oil filter: Induction: Carburetion 40 mm constant velocity with enrichener and accelerator pump ESPFI 38 mm throttle bore electronic sequential port fuel injection: Ignition : Single-fire, non-wasted, map-controlled spark ignition Dynojet Tuner Kits For Sportster and Big Twin models with an accelerator pump from 1989 thru 1995: $89. Accelerator Pump Adjustment Screw 4. If the engine has. The saddlebags are stock FXRT/D and yes, they do hold quite a bit. $5 * This Harley Davidson FXDLI Dyna Low Rider EFI 2005 service manual also makes it easy to diagnose and repair problems with your machines electrical system. off 7 times and cleaned. Consequently, It will also show symptoms similar to when your vehicle has; low fuel pressure from a faulty fuel pump. You need to verify that it operates as designed. Funny thing is when you hold the float bowl in the upright  29 May 2016 When I let off the throttle, gas would leak and spill from my carburetor. Correct restricted hose. Harley changed from ball to roller-type cam bearings in December of '99 to head off potential trouble. Inlet system air leak. Fuel Inlet 8. Lightly open the throttle linkage and Install of intake manifold. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jun 29, 2015 #1. Because most cable operated throttles also use a cable for the cruise control, if you notice any problems when using the cruise control, that may be a potential sign of a problem with the accelerator cable. Tighten jets. The common factory Harley gas cap that incorporates a one-way valve (for emission purposes) sometimes restricts air flow into the tank. There is slight differences between the two, like the main jet nozzle is shorter on the 1993~1999 model, the choke plunger is slightly different (but still is interchangeable), the colour of some of the internal parts are different, the older 1993~1999 carburetor used a #48 We can download and set up the Accelerator pump feature which increases throttle response and off idle abruptness. Last edited by 69cam; 08-11-2015 at 08:57 AM . The accelerator pump on this carburetor was designed to only "squirt" fuel during rapid (fast) throttle opening when the engine requires extra fuel to keep from going lean. Anyway he gave me a good deal on it and I put it on the car, and the accelerator pump isn't working. This helps offset the extra gulp of air that is sucked in until fuel flow through the metering circuits can catch up to the change in air velocity through the venturi (the narrow part of the carburetor throat). The standard AE under the Acceleration Wizard can be thought of like the accelerator pump on a carb, which shoots in some extra fuel when you suddenly hit the throttle to compensate for the massive influx of air when you open the throttle blades. This good-looking pipe system delivers a deep, throaty sound to your motorcycle, even at idle. Harley Dyna Chain Conversion Kit 24/55 or 24/60 fits '06 -'17 Deadbeat Customs is now offering a 24 tooth front and your option of 55 or 60 tooth rear sprocket chain conversion kit for 2006 to 2017 Harley Davidson Dyna Models, we have pieced together Features Aftermarket 100% Brand New Material: Aluminum + Rubber This model has the improved accelerator pump circuit. 95: $75. 4L 3v F150. Table of Contents Sportster. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a The pump gasoline sold at gas stations around the country has changed quite a bit over the last several decades. 0935 inches, while the float height measured 0. 00 on a new 2012 and the only problem. In fact, right after WWII in rural areas, it was common to completely remove the accelerator pump from the carb in order to save fuel! A switch to Tillotson was seen with the 1966 Harley Sportster and 1967 Shovelhead. if that's so, you have the wrong needle in there, or the carb throat is too big for the motor size. Check this out: CARBURETOR - 1993 Harley Davidson FXDL. Refer to Figure 1. If the accelerator pump is in good condition, the problem may be with a choke that either will not close because it is caught on something, or because the choke linkage requires lubrication. Most carburetors use a piston or diaphragm type pump. Replacement Part Numbers: 27421-99A Package Included 1 x Carburetor (As Picture Shown). Back to Sportster History Index. That is a good indicator of either a "bagged" diaphragm in the fuel pump, where the diaphragm grows baggy from alcohol in the fuel and no longer had enough volume or pressure to do the job, or a plugged fuel tank cap where the plastic has swelled up and closed the vent. Harley CV40's have accelerator pumps; Kawasaki actually had at one time a CVK40 with accelerator pump for a cruiser. Bad drive chains, exhaust problem, over or under jetting. For tuning, our Power Commander is a truly powerful device, but its tracking and monitoring is what truly sets it apart. See more ideas about Motorcycle, Carburetor, Dirt bike accessories. It easily connects to any computer through USB and has a -100/+250% fuel change range for more adjustment possibilities. twist with smooth, quick response. pcm will For all your Harley Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, and gear, turn to our online motorcycle parts and accessories store. This helps offset the extra gulp of air that is sucked in  Complete diaphragm rebuild kit for all Keihin or CV late model carbs from 1976- 2006. 0 Glove by Joe Rocket took me by surprise. This Item Fits the Following Applications: 1984 Harley Davidson  Results 1 - 40 of 162 Shop the best selection of Harley-Davidson Carburetor - Parts at Dennis Kirk for the S&S Cycle Accelerator Pump Rebuild Kit - 11-2918. Release line and restart engine. Carburetors with vacuum metering systems may need a recalibrated vacuum spring. In fact, many engines are poor performers because they lack sufficient mechanical compression. Suggested initial adjustment is to have the pumps start to work as soon as the throttle slide starts to open. It will hold two full faced helmets no problem. Put new ingtion coil, plugs,wires, new dyna s pickup. Accelerator pump leaking or no output. – 2002 Harley-Davidson FLSTF/FLSTFI Fat Boy The Fat Boy® is deserving of its name especially now that it’s powered by the Twin Cam 88B™ engine. I was amazed that you were still going to run an electric pump on a 1. 10% savings 2. Main Jet Air Bleed 14. They're not that expensive. Located at the bottom of the accelerator pump well, it is opened when the accelerator pump hits the little pin on the top – at around 50% throttle. Your intermediate jet (slow jet) is blocked. It is identified by an "E" cast into the throttle linkage side of the body below the . Get a rebuild kit and get to work. 7. Also, clean out any "goo". Includes diaphragm, diaphragm spring, check balls, check ball spring, pump pushrod, and required hardware and O-rings. Currently, you can still a buy a fixed non-adjustable main jet 38mm Bendix carb. Was afraid to clamp directly in vice si I took a piece if hard wood, drilled a 3/16" hole, split the wood parallel to the hole, inserted tube, clamped in vice, slight twist, it's free. #210, 270, 264, etc. Provides easier starting of engine and improved throttle response in lower RPMs. This guide covers problems and solutions routinely encountered on stock and mildly modified motorcycle Check and clean accelerator pump bypass orifice. Zenith carburetor accelerator pump Accelerator Pump: Accelerator Pump Linkages 1: Accelerator Pump Linkages 2: Carburetor Bottom with Pilot Screw, Spring, Washer, and O-ring: Carburetor Slide and Plate (Square End is Down on Plate) Carburetor Cables, Hoses, and Clamps: Setting the Pump Timing Start point: FCR Single Taper Needles: PWK/PJ Single Taper Needles: Keihin PWK PJ There is also the accelerator pump and the enrichner (choke. Apr 06, 2016 · Problem 7:- Harley Seat was cracked from inside. Nov 17, 2009 · Remove the pump housing, O-ring, diaphragm and spring from the carburetor body. With its central float chambers, full calibration capabilities, compact alloy body and wide variety of available sizes, the IDF Series has been and continues to be the winning choice for a synchronous, 2 barrel, downdraft carburetor. local shop that did reflash said must run for a couple hundred miles for problem to completely disappear. They couldn't figure it out and already had $500 of her money so I figured I'd take it home and try to figure it out myself. Start the engine and let it run until it stops. 250 in. The duration is tuned using the “leak jet” located in the float bowl (Part #42 on the schematic). Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide With Super E & G Mikuni Carburetors 2001, Accelerator Pump Cap Assembly by S&S Cycle®. Problem is how much gas? Earlier designs squirted gas “while” the throttle was being moved, once the movement of the throttle stopped the squirt stopped. Look in the lower right-hand portion of the image, this is the area of the accelerator pump. So, I had to take the whole thing off the truck and remove the top of the carb. Lowest seat in the Sportster line up 7. Because it works in tandem with the throttle, problems with your accelerator pump can affect your acceleration or cause your engine to sputter or stall. Some nosing around led me to the accelerator pump diaphragm. 2005 harley 883c accelerator pump leaks; 87 harley sportster 883 trouble guide; 91 harley 883 idle speed screw pic; adjusting a carburetor on 883 sportster; can axl883 idle at 1300rpm; 2008 flhtcu service manual; maintenance guide for harley davidson sportster 2008; harley davidson charging system diagram; 2008 harley-davidson sportster xl883 Then I'd find the adjustment for the accelerator pump and dial it back a bit. I have to have the accelerator pump screw turned right off in order fpr the throttle plate to shut fully. . Foam floats should be changed to brass. Mar 18, 2018 · In 2002 Harley-Davidson introduced the new XL 883R which is modeled after the 1970 XR-750. The final possible issue could be the pump itself. reflashed the pcm with updates and there is a significant difference initially. Even a the most basic Holley with only a primary accelerator pump circuit can be modified with both nozzle size and different pump cams to optimize this circuit. To diagnose for this code, mechanics back probe the accelerator pedal position sensor and the TP sensor using a scan tool or a multimeter to view the voltage output of each sensor. Problem 8:- Accelerator got free, some spring or wire was broken from inside, was replaced durig 2nd service ie today on 4th Apr 16 S&S Cycle 11-2918 Accelerator Pump Rebuild Kit Harley W/ Super E/G Carburetor 5 out of 5 stars (32) 32 product ratings - S&S Cycle 11-2918 Accelerator Pump Rebuild Kit Harley W/ Super E/G Carburetor Jan 18, 2019 · Check the Accelerator Pump: This system uses an accelerator pump to push extra fuel into the air horn to enrich the mixture when the driver steps on the accelerator. Fuel System: Carburetor - 40 mm constant velocity with enrichener and accelerator pump. My accelerator pump wasn't working at all. HARLEY KEIHIN CV CARBY MAJOR REBUILD / TUNING KIT. 3 ~'~ Accelerator Pump Lever Screw. Unlike the previous Linkert, it had an accelerator pump and featured a hydraulically operated automatic "economizer" circuit. If the slide diaphragm becomes pinched or is unable to seal, the slide will not function correctly. A slide bar adjusts the speed at which the throttle must be opened to activate the accelerator pump. Advance Auto Parts has 2 different Carburetor Accelerator Pump Diaphragm for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. dry slide may help ( moly disulphide, graphite, baby powder, cornstarch, the mother in law ashes, ect) if the edge of cup starts to roll up on itself--- stop. 25-inch variance. 5) Pinched or cracked slide diaphragm. 5 pilot jets, 1 each -96, -97 and -98 needles, 2 each #60 a/p nozzles, needle clips,washers and O-rings. The value of a properly functioning accelerator pump only lasts at most a couple of seconds. Replace vapor vent valve. Failure to make these changes will cause the engine to run lean. It’s not uncommon. 21 Apr 2013 I unscrewed the accelerator pump adjustment screw until I was getting fuel coming out of the nozzle behind the main jet, but this turned out to  sumes no responsibility or liability of any nature for the failure of others to use good judgment. Sep 23, 2020 · Orange Cycle Parts Carburetor Accelerator Pump Diaphragm for Harley by Keihin Replaces # 27361-76 Carburetor Accelerator Pump Diaphragm For Keihin Carburetors Replaces OEM # 27361-76 Read more KIPA Choke Cable For MIKUNI HSR42 HSR45 HSR48 Carburetor, Fits For Harley Davidson HD HSR CV Carburetor, OEM Part Number 426232, 990-662-002, N189. A quick test to determine this is to remove the air cleaner and move the throttle linkage slowly while watching the accelerator pump arm. This took me less than 10 minutes! Also FIRST 1080p VIDEO!!! When I let off the throttle, gas would leak and spill from my c Kiwidave's carb. The next major change was to reformulate the gasoline to reduce both the evaporative and exhaust emissions from vehicles. You can get a rebuild kit for it then open up the housing (3 screws) and take a look at what is in there. See troubleshooting chart. Didn't notice any problems with power or performance, just crappy fuel mileage because it was leaking out about a half-gallon per week while it was sitting. Displacement: 1340cc Carburetion: 40mm Constant velocity with enricher and accelerator pump Transmission: 5-speed constant mesh Wheelbase: 63. Edelbrock's 1406 carburetor uses the yellow-colored, 4-inch staging vacuum step-up spring. Harley doesn’t qualify at all for that description any more. 95: CC24224: Dynojet Tuner Kits For 1988 Sportster models without an accelerator pump: $89. 95. Feb 24, 2009 · The Harley V-Twin engine responds exceptionally well to an increase in mechanical compression. It could be that the ranger replacements may even fit the housing but if not I think the pressure regulation of the harley at 39-45 should fall within spec. Inside the CV carburetor Usually when the accelerator pump is having issues, it will display a few symptoms that can alert the driver that there may be a problem that should be inspected. 1. Take a look at the latest project. Restricted fuel tank vent system. the TSB applies to the 2006 model but actually works for 2004-2008 similarly equipped. While you've got the float bowl off, go ahead and replace this diaphragm for the accelerator pump as well. The repeated up and down movement of the diaphragm causes it to stretch, making re-assembly tricky. You could also have a bad diaphragm in the accelerator pump. 40 mm constant velocity with enrichener and accelerator pump Oct 23, 2018 · Harley-Davidson said Tuesday it’s recalling about 238,300 motorcycles, worldwide, for a clutch problem — the fourth recall for a clutch issue in five years. Brand New Tires Less Than 200 Miles- On Carb And Tires- New Paint Job Black- Newly Refurbished Seat- New Oil Filter And More- bike Was Completely Rewired With New Harness- All Work Done By Sinister Cycles Of Las Vegas- Paper Work To Prove It- I Had It Fixed It Up So I Could Sell- Im CF250 KUNFU CARBURETOR Assy PD30 w/ Accelerator For Scooter Motorcycle Moped - $93. 498 x 4. Weak squirt. The springs in the pump take up the remaining throttle movement up to Wide Open Throttle, keeping the power valve open and allowing extra fuel to be pulled out of the accelerator pump discharge Carbureted Harley Won T Start Keep your Harley’s stock factory look and fit, with better throttle response, improved acceleration, increased power and torque. A Bad Mass Airflow Sensor. Feb 12, 2009 · Harley-Davidson Electronic Throttle Control If for any reason a failure is sensed, the system will go into one of three failure modes, Scott explained. Remove your carb bowl the cup will be way easier to wrangle into bore now. My 1995 Harley Davidson Electra Glide developed a fuel leak from the accelerator pump. Oct 02, 2015 · You need to clean/rebuild your Harley carburetor and replace intake seals. try to get it in bore. They're designed to work together for that end-to-end custom look. 5. Nov 14, 2017 · Problem Think I'm getting too old for this. Restricted fuel supply passages. 4 ,', Acce l erator Pump Lever Lockwasher 5 * Body Channel Cup Plug (2) 9 Body Channel \,e1ch Plug (2) 10 oJ: Body Channel Welch Plug 11 -Body Channel Welch Plug (Choke) 12 Choke Friction Ball 13 Choke Friction Spring . Dec 02, 2016 · If you are dealing with a Keihin CV-40 carb, then the accelerator pump is very simple. It may have helped a little bit but not really Now it stumbles from idle to low-mid range rpms. The shop again rebuilt the carb, cleaned the accelerator pump and the problems persisted. Correct and clear restriction. This 1985 Harley Davidson Softail Low Rider FXSB service manual download describes the service procedures for the complete motorcycle. Main Jet 13. 1 barrel will have 1 stream, 2 & 4 barrels will have 2 streams. Jan 27, 2017 · In fact, if it proves true that this was the problem at the York plant, it will have been the third time in as many years Harley has recalled its bikes for clutch problems. Clean and clear as required. If it does turn screw counter-clockwise ¼ or ½ of a turn at a time, until engine responds to throttle twist with smooth, quick response. Dec 03, 2018 · 2. I just rebuilt my Weber 32 36. Could well be the throttle position sensor,although it was not common on the early ones, it can be a problem. Adjust, clean or replace. The diaphragm is easily mis-aligned or pinched. My V-Star hated it and ran like a bag of shit until I could cut it with decent fuel. Torquing down intake manifold screws. This is a genuine CFmoto carburetor with liquid coolant burp valve, for the liquid cooled CFmoto/ Honda Helix 250cc style vertical single cylinder engines found on CF Moto Fashion, CF Moto V3, CF Moto V5, Honda CH250, Honda Helix CN250, JMstar, Jonway, Jonway Master 250, Lance Duke 250, NST, Power Buggy 250 93 1200 sportster accelerator pump not working. The few bikes that developed problems should have been fixed by now, and those that didn't were blessed with a five-year/50,000-mile warranty. 10. It allows for a more accurate observation of how the jetting effects fuel circuit transitions. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a Cycle Pro CV Carb Accelerator Pump Upgrade (part number 16739) from J&P Cycles. What are the other two holes for? I am having a slight hesitation/bog at initial acceleration (covered fully on one my other posts) that I cannot get rid of, so I wanted to try and isolate each component separately. CAS sells officially licensed Harley-Davidson® products. First be sure the pump connector rod is hooked up; this rod connects the throttle lever to the accelerator pump arm. Installing the jet upside down will adversely impact the 3) Clogged idle mixture circuit. Remove the cap and see if the problem goes away. The accelerator pump system works as follows… a plunger is moved up and down with opening and closing of the throttle. Pull the three screws out (#168) and check the diaphram to see if it is cut or broken. Pump your throttle to wide open watching the inside of the carburetor bore. We are not an authorized Harley® dealer and in no way do we have, or intend to imply any kind of business relationship with Harley-Davidson Motor Company® . Apr 10, 2007 · 4: An accelerator pump: This is the route most of the state of the art off road bikes have until we get FI, this provides a little shot of fuel to fill in during that moment of lag in vacuum. This is a seperate circuit and won't cause an overflow. FIRST, LUBE IT UP! The accelerator pump is the only part of . Turn screw counter-clockwise 1/4. Universal Accelerator Pump Spring by Tokyomods®. Adding a lot (too much) of fuel, 80% maybe, would be a good way to tell when the accelerator pump is kicking in. The accelerator pump discharge nozzle is located in the mainbody. ( i just >got Mar 19, 2010 · You either have a clogged fuel filter or the fuel pump is bad. 2 Accel erator Pump Lever. These will have 2 accelerator pumps. Correct as required. It would give you a feel for when the pump is kicking in with different sensitivity settings. Fits your 2015 Harley Davidson Freewheeler FLRT. I pulled the top off the Weber to make sure check ball was free in the accelerator pump bolt, it was. S&S TC3 Oil Pump Cam Support Plate Kit For Harley 2006-2017 $ 651. One of the cures is to decrease amount of fuel injected by the accelerator pump when first opening the throttle. My first impression of the Ladies Velocity 3. Mikuni HSR 42mm Flatslide Carburetor - Accelerator Pump Spigot TM42-6 42-6278 (Fits: 1992 Harley-Davidson Tour Glide) 5 out of 5 stars (31) 31 product ratings - Mikuni HSR 42mm Flatslide Carburetor - Accelerator Pump Spigot TM42-6 42-6278 Purchase the Cycle Pro CV Carb Accelerator Pump Upgrade at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. Adjust throttle cables. Re: how to adjust accelerator pump, 1981 standard model Post by Volker_P » Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:19 am Well, you could save some additonal money as the CB650 should use only about 55mpg if everything is all right and you are no racer . fuel will flow up the tower that the accelerator pump actuator rod goes down into. The Tillotson carb was complex and had many parts, and was not appreciated in its day. Step 10: Select Accelerator Pump Cam Jul 1, 2018 - Explore Rob Perk's board "Motorcycle Carburator", followed by 297 people on Pinterest. pump off is a tuning aid. Take your air filter off and WITH THE ENGINE OFF, crank the throttle grip to wide open. #360 and 300 are your float and float needle discussed above. reference Ford TSB 06-19-3. The Super E has a 17⁄8" (47. Replace assembly. e. After 1988, Harley had the pump and these work very nicely. 1) Make sure the sealing surface of the lower pump housing is flat by lightly sanding with fine grit sand paper on a piece of glass. problem still occurs There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time Bendix Carburetor Accelerator Pump For 1971-1976 Harley XL FL FX $18. There are a lot of factors that I'm working on a fiends 01 Harley Sportster and am having a hell of a time tuning it. There’s nothing skinny about this machine: fat FL forks, a black and chrome engine treatment, shotgun exhaust, full-sized floor boards, and broad handlebars make people notice this bike in a crowd. Maximum transient enrichments with the engine warm are about 12. 5 turns. existing manifold, choke cable and air filter. The vaccuum piston (slide) diaphragm was in great shape though. Jul 25, 2012 · I have a 86 Harley sportster 883, with a bad stumble or bucking when under certain load. Over time, the fuel pump's ability to function will fade and eventually it will stop working entirely. It is written specifically for MegaSquirt ® or MegaSquirt-II™ EFI users who are new to tuning engine with a programmable controller, and tries to make very few assumptions about what you already know. If you need a replacement accelerator pump for your carburetor, shop O The Floatbowl Body: The Harley-Davidson OEM CV-40 carburetor floatbowl over the years has many different locations for fuel to enter the accelerator pump cover. The HSR pump has three adjustments: starting point, end point, and nozzle size. The kit can also be used to replace the diaphragm on S-amp;S Super E  If you have problems with your Primary or Secondary Circuits, tune those before the Transition Circuit. 6mm) venturi. When you pull the carb, suggest replacing your intake seals if they have not been replaced in a while. May 28, 2019 · Holleys allow easy adjustment to circuits like the accelerator pump. Made in the USA Sold each. I'm out 2. maintain a consistent 40- to 50-mph. Got replaced durig 2nd service ie today on 4th Apr 16. This is to both richen the mixture for maximum throttle response and to compensate for low vacuum over the needle jet. Took off carb everything is clean . Pump cam kits can be purchased to change the rate in which the accelerator pump will ramp in the additional fuel. May 16, 2012 · How do you adjust a carburetor on a 2003 harley fatboy? Update : Contrary to belief, this model is carburated, I'v had problems with my float getting stuck and emptying out my tank. If you have an accelerator pump on your carburetor (Keihin CV and S&S Super E come to mind), give the bike a prime wick or two. Apr 30, 2008 · - the new accelerator pump cover will get installed to the bottom of the float bowl re-using the o-ring from the stock accelerator pump cover. (Left) The arrow points to the accelerator nozzle that discharges the fuel into the venturi. 14 Nov 2017 Trying to get my bike back running again. 192 > accel pump so when you really whack > the throttle open at low revs it wants to > bog and die. 047 inches. This 1986 Harley Davidson Softail Custom FXSTC 1340 service manual download describes the service procedures for the complete motorcycle. 8. harley accelerator pump problems